Terms and conditions
T&C Xxvid South Africa T & C Xxvid south Africa Terms of Service WIN Premium edition, 44993. The following General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the products and services provided on the help of short text messages (hereinafter referred to as "SMS"), GPRS and 3G the "Provider" (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"). Suppliers must from time to time make changes to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In addition to the General Conditions, which were applicable and any posted rules, promotional conditions, guidelines and provisions for the services May also apply to the State and Suppliers, for the use of the Services Provider (specified in this document). All of these guidelines, the terms, conditions and provisions of the promotion will be treated as an inseparable part of these General Terms and Conditions. Through the use of the Service Provider, you agree to the it, and will be your force these General Terms and Conditions and guidelines, terms and conditions of promotion. The organizer of the website is: Mypengo Mobile BV Markerkant 1310, 1314AN Almere, Holland VAT NL807495207B01, Registered under 39,068,788 1. Name of service: XXVID, access number: 44993 2. Cost receive one message with the number 44993 Premium MT is: R5. 3. The user pays only for SMS vouchsafed unto activated as part of the Service. 4. News as part of the services are sent to the user three (3) times a week. 5. The user joining the Service you consent to receiving MT at times and frequencies resulting from the type of Service ordered 6. The user, who will activate the Service, is the participant until the deactivation of the Service 7. In order to deactivate the Service, you must send an SMS with the content STOP to the number 4493 (cost per SMS is R0). 8. The condition of using the services is to have the phone turned on during the time allowed for the dispatch of Premium SMS MT and in the case of people using the cards pre-paid, to have an appropriate amount of funds in the account 9. Fees for use of the Service are charged by the GSM network operator 10 . activating and deactivating message service can be sent exclusively to the GSM telephone number or deactivating user contracting the services they receive messages 11. the cost does not include the cost of the WAP connection, which is calculated in accordance with the tariff of the mobile operator. WAP connection is required to download on a subscription received 12 complaints about the elements of the Service MT must be sent to the e-mail address: feedback@miranetworks.net. The complaint should include: name of the person lodging the complaint, phone number, the name of the service (XXVID) and the cause of the deposit of complaint. The complaint should be dealt with within 14 working days.