Privacy Policy Privacy GENERAL INFORMATION Supplier attaches great importance to the issue of privacy of users. Therefore, we created a separate privacy policy, which is an integral part of the general and special conditions and the additional conditions of the Supplier. You acknowledge the fact that the Provider may collect and process "personal information", "financial information" or "demographic information and information about of Use" (hereinafter referred to as "Information") conducted in connection with the Service. Using the Service Provider agree to this privacy policy, policy of the field of copyright and Conditions General and detailed. If you do not express your such consent, You may not use our Site. Unless expressly otherwise indicated, the General Terms and detailed policy in the field of copyright and privacy policy shall apply in respect of all new applications for the help which the current Service is extended or improved. Therefore, we recommend regular browsing these pages. This website and its mobile version (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties Web") are the property Provider (defined later in this document, the words "we" or "us") and are managed, by him. Privacy Policy Changes We reserve the right to opportunities to make changes at any time, increase or reduce this privacy policy, policy in the field of copyright and the general and specific conditions. In connection with the fact that all the changes will be placed on these Websites, we recommend regular browsing them. Constantly use by you of this Site and its possible extensions and improvements means that you accept the changes you made. The information we collect We collect and process "personal data" (data that may want to use for contact with you the, such as full name, address (postal), telephone number, e-mail address and MSISDN ('mobile station integrated services digital network number '- the mobile subscriber number)) and / or data relating to SMS messages received or sent by the Supplier, "the data of a financial nature" (such as credit card numbers, information about your bank account numbers or passwords), "demographic information or data on the of use "(information provided by you or collected by us, non-financial, but necessary for the correct payment for the use of our Site, such as the type of services on the Site, make and type of mobile phone, data on Start, terminate and the period of use of the Website, the type of browser you use, habits and Browse related to the network and your IP address) affiliated with the Service. We reserve the right to transfer your personal data, data on financial and / or demographic and information of use (hereinafter referred to as "Data") of your mobile network provider and / or the service provider in the field of authentication to ensure the collection of fees due. Such information is gathered by the Provider may be stored and processed in the country where the services were provided by the Supplier or a group of related companies. By using the Site you authorize for cross-border exchange of your data. Persons aged 16 years and older Neither the website, nor the Site are not intended for usage by children. It is possible that not having this awareness we will gather personal information of users who have not yet reached the minimum age of a particular in the special conditions. Such data will be deleted. Method of use of the data Supplier offers you a wide range of online and mobile services and informative content accessed through the Service. We will use your personal data for the purpose of offering the services of our Website and for the purposes connected with customer service. Your personal information is used by us to answer questions, carry out transactions and transfer offers, making improvements and for promoting our service confirm with SMS messages and Web pages. While not expressly reserves the visitor, would not do that, we can use your personal information to communicate with you the in connection with our services, products, aspects of our service, for which we think that you can be interested in them or in other for purposes which will from time to time advertised. We may also use your information to communicate with you the through the use of our Websites or about a change of our privacy policy, policy on copyright, general and specific conditions or other terms regarding our relationship with you and use our Websites. In addition, we may also use your data for the purpose of improving the content contained on our Websites, and navigation on them or also for other internal purposes. Finally, we reserve the right to also share your personal data in August with other business partners who would like to contact with you in connection with its products and in Services, and who perhaps would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase these products and services. SOME countries do not allow NAM NEWS send you an advertising WITHOUT YOUR express prior written consent. THEREFORE TEZ may happen that the above information DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUR EVENT. If you decide to withdraw consent to the transfer by us of your personal data to other business partners for commercial purposes, please let us know at the time of the transfer of your personal data to us. If you undertake such a decision at a later time, you can send an e-mail to the address located on the Websites, or let us know about it by means of the Services. You'll also can contact us by calling our Service, you will find are in the Special Conditions. Cease the transfer of your personal data to third parties. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the removal or alteration to your request of your personal data it will take effect immediately. For internal purposes, in support when offering services to the needs of the Service and interact with people visiting our Web sites use the data which does not allow for the identification of the identity of an individual. We reserve the right to individualize also non-personal data the identity of an individual and tailor to the needs of the Service aim of transferring selected you with ads based on search key words. We may also combine information that we obtain from third parties, and information commonly available from your data. When you register on the Site or for the use of other aspects of the Service, we collect data such as your phone number and identification of your mobile network provider. By using the Site you authorize to signup to our partners and third parties of your mobile phone number, if it is necessary to process your transaction. To such third parties may belong mobile network provider and / or service provider for used by the Provider Authorization for processing transactions. We can use the services hired by us to third parties for the purpose of enabling the use by you of the services of our Website, for example, in connection with the authorization of your transactions and we can pass on your details to those parties for limited purposes. If our company is sold or merged with another firm that also will announce or bankrupt, some or all of your personal data collected will be transferred to a third party. Finally, we can pass on your data specified parties in a situation where it will be required by law or if in this way we will be able to guarantee security providers or users of the Service. Access to your information Supplier gives you the option to correct or delete your personal information that you have handed down or having to make changes from your own choice of these data by sending an e-mail message to the address specified in the Special Conditions in which this message, please Madams, if you would like to remove your data from our database, or also if you would like to unsubscribe information from us or from third parties. You can contact us by phone our Service as indicated in the Special Conditions. Deletion of the data or the abandonment of receiving information from third-party providers or make the data will be removed solely in our database for the suspension of the future of communication on our part and on the part of third parties. Deletion of the data does not include information that have already been acquired and what were perhaps transferred to third parties in the manner provided in this privacy policy. We recommend that you check directly with those third parties in order to remove your personal data, under which they maybe they use to communicate with you the. cookies In order to improve the way in which we offer the use of our Web sites, we can on them from use cookies. Cookies are files that save on the hard drive of your computer confirm with our Web browsers, to help the our systems to recognize your browser and to mark your computer in a certain way. With the help of cookies, we can not get information on your e-mail address or other personal information unless you choose to provide us with these data, for example by making the registration on our Websites. However, if you were a customer and leave your personal details on our Websites, these data will be hooked up to the data that are stored by the help of cookies. Therefore, we use cookies objective improvement by you how to use our Websites and content for the purpose of improving our service and services. So for example, we may use cookies to personalize your visits to our Websites (for example, your person recognizes when you return to our Party). You can change the settings of your browser, so that our Party cookies and other Internet service providers will not be accepted. For further information, please use the help function in your Web browser. However we draw your attention to the fact that certain pages of our Websites are available exclusively by means of cookies or files of this type and you need an aware that blocking cookies or similar file may cause, that you will not have access to certain parts the content of our web pages or the services of our Website. LINKS On our Websites may be contained links to other websites. Supplier has no control over these websites and is not responsible or can not be held responsible for their availability or for the content, advertising, products or other materials posted on these websites. The Supplier shall not be held liable or can not be held liable in a way that also direct freekick, for any damage or loss resulting from or caused by other users in relation to the above. You bear sole risk for the use of websites to which pointers are on our Websites, collectively with the posted content on these pages. Safety Protecting your personal data is very important to us. We use the best technology to ensure the security of information transmitted by you. However, we are not able to provide 100% of the transmission of data through the Internet or mobile is safe. As a result, although every effort is made to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee that the information that you send confirm with our Web pages are fully protected. Contact If you have any questions and / or comments regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us: